The assignment

1. semester assignment: Yes, portfolio! Not this portfolio, but one of my older ones! 3 days to make a online portfolio containing our school work, written in HTML/CSS without the use of the design functions in Dreamweaver CS4!

How much did I get smarter?

Did i learn something? Most definitely the most educational week for me so far! I knew some html to begin with, but combining it with css is really fun! This week was all about the basics of HTML and CSS, and now I understand it and can work beyond what we have learned.

Graphical presentation

Kontraster (Contrasts)


Additional Comments

Oh so many hours, I have lost count. But it is always like that when you’re lost in something, is it not? So many portfolios lie behind me, and even though I have worked with div before this is the first real homepage that does not contain a table. Yes, I curse table designs. We have 3 days to complete this assignment, which is kind of harsh. I spent at least 20+ hours on just doing the design and coding the links to make everything fit. 20 do not even cover it. I already had a rough design in Photoshop CS4, which has been altered since I started on coding the site. I must admit it gives much more pleasure knowing I have written the actual html and css without using the design function in Dreamweaver CS4.

The coding was a long fight with some struggles, but in the end there are only few things I wish were different. Among others the delay on the hover buttons on mouse-over, something I regretfully cannot do anything about.

Ought to mention this is the first time I have ever used css. The project is a lot of fun despite the time limit. It is very personal so I can pretty much make whatever I want as long as it passes the demands of the project.

The design was finished first, later altered a few times, then the index page and the subpages.

Later the content itself was added.


My old portfolio